Would you like to know how to grab control of your life so you can stop unconscious belief patterns from cycling?

Want to be free to make grounded choices that align you in living the life you came to live?

I was telling a friend of mine I was looking for my life purpose and that if they had a school where I could go to do some kind of spiritual therapy I would go to it.
She said, “There is a School!”
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  • Are you exhausted from subconscious motivations and patterns running your life?
  • Do you feel an indefinable longing for “something”?
  • Are you stuck, angry or frustrated with the struggle to let go of the past, and want a road map to
    guide you out?
  • Have you heard about the power of chakras for healing, but have no idea how they work?

That’s why the Lionheart Institute created
an introduction class with
Essential Keys to the
Energy System of Healing.

At the Lionheart Institute Energy Healing School
in Studio City California

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This class is for YOU if you…

  • Are curious about a profession as a powerful, grounded Energy Healer and how to make a living doing it.
  • Are fascinated by Energy Psychology and the power of your natural intuition.
  • Want to learn to give energy healing.
  • Want to earn a continuing education credit certificate recognized by the state of California.

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At the Lionheart Institute
Energy Healing School
in Studio City, CA

Essential Keys to the
Energy System of Healing

Free if you register here or $49 dollars at the door.


For the LIVE INTRODUCTORY CLASS in Studio City, CA for one of the available $49 scholarship spaces 
Next class is September 6, 2014