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A 2 ½ hour introductory workshop for $97
10:00AM – 12:30PM
A limited number of full scholarships are available.
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We offer training in personal transformation in Level 1 and professional certification in
Level 2 as an Energy Healing Counselor.
Lionheart offers CEU’s to select licensed professionals.


What Happens in The Essential Keys to Energy Healing.

You’ll discover 3 essential truths needed
to overcome self-sabotaging patterns.

When you go through an emotionally challenging time do you get a back ache? Tired of arguing with someone you love then feel like you’ve been kicked in the gut?

Essential Key Truth #1:  The issue is in the tissue, change your relationship with the issue and you change the tissue.

Are you sensitive to other people’s moods? Do you find yourself feeling more for them than they do for themselves then feel absolutely drained?

Essential Key Truth #2: The physical body follows the energy body.  Realize how chronic pain is a key trait for empathic people and how headaches, stress and dis-ease begins. Experience how to shift your energy body to a healing state to break self-sabotaging patterns.

You know those times when you’re with an intimate friend yet feel like you’re a million miles away?
Essential Key Truth #3: Without connection, there is no communication. Connection facilitates healing. Learn how to connect!

These three keys are essential for healing transformation. Whether seeking healing for yourself or to facilitate healing for others, you’ll have a practical experience of holistic healing and a feeling of open hearted expansion that’s grounded in the authentic science of personal body/mind growth and transformation.

         Apply for one of the limited number of $97 scholarships.



My quest began at the age of 22–a naive 22. Perhaps you are seeking like I was seeking…spiritually seeking. I wanted answers to all the BIG questions. I was striving for awakened consciousness, wanting to understand the mysteries of healing, longing for true and lasting happiness.

Having just graduated college, I hoisted a backpack and traveled alone to Europe, then Israel looking for the answers via the wonders of the world. I longed to know where I fit, who was my tribe, where was my soulmate and how was I going to be fulfilled. Among many lessons, my travels taught me two invaluable ones; that bravery and strength is relative to knowing myself and my limits, and all people have the same striving – to be happy.

But, how to do it? I shifted my search from the outer to my inner world. As my search continued, it brought me to India, where I discovered answers to these BIG questions! The next two decades were spent humbly absorbing spiritual wisdom. I began to recognize the difference between the part of healing that’s in our Higher Power’s hands and what a Healer can facilitate.

I learned about universal spiritual principles and values, their vibrational frequencies and their basis for healing, in the Sanskrit scriptures of India. These principles now provide the foundation upon which Lionheart is built. If you are thirsty for simplicity, clarity, truth and healing, please come join us for our introductory workshop, “The Essential Keys to Energy Healing.”

Warm regards,
Laura L. Fine, Founder/Director
Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing
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